All the winds,
sweep the aches of heart.
Me, I am like the wind,
a spirit moving at thousands of kph,
I judge without doubt too quickly.
It’s ok, too bad.
It’s just there, I am agitated,
I grow, love too.
It’s by following the wind
  that I like to rove.
Me, I'm like the wind
I embrace a whole army
of dreams and cornflowers,
to plunge me inside.
I know what I know
even if I cry all the time.
Then, say...

saying to me that the wind turned.
It is not true.
saying that adolescence, it is:
that you don’t know, for me
I found my love.
It is a breath, it’s soft a wind of love.
It is light, it is the trade wind.
Me, I say that love
is drunk to the dregs
whatever she wants,
A-LIZEE has it always..

As the wind
carries the aches of heart
in a hurricane,
swirl miles per hour.
I am undoubtedly like him.
It is ok, I am
at the doors of my life.
I grow, love too.
It is with the four winds
that I like to be placed.
Me, I am like the wind.
I carry all my secrets
in a garden of Eden
to lengthen me inside.
I know that this hymen
will last a long time
Then say...

It's OK          (x4)

© Requiem Publishing 2000

Tous les vents,
Balayent les maux de cœur
Moi, j'suis comme le vent :
L'esprit à milles à l'heure,
Je juge sans doute trop vite
C'est ok, tant pis
C'est juste là, je m'agite
Je grandis, l'amour aussi
C'est au gré du vent
Que j'aime vagabonder,
Moi, je suis comme le vent
J'embrasse toute une armée
De rêves et de bleuets,
Me plonger dedans
Je sais ce que je sais
Même si j'pleure tout l'temps
Alors, dis…

De me dire que le vent a tourné
C'est pas vrai
S'il te plaît
De dire que l'adolescence, c'est :
Qu'on n'sait pas, car moi
J'ai trouvé mon amour
C'est un souffle, c'est doux un vent d'amour :
C'est léger, c'est l'Alizé,
Moi, je dis que l'amour
Se boit jusqu'à la lie
Ce qu'elle veut,
A-LIZEE l'a toujours… 

Comme le vent
Emporte les maux de cœur
Dans un ouragan
Tourbillon milles à l'heure
Je suis sans doute comme lui
C'est ok, je suis
Aux portes de ma vie
Je grandis, l'amour aussi
C'est aux quatre vents
Que j'aime être logée
Moi, je suis comme le vent
J'emporte tous mes secrets
Dans un jardin d'Eden
M'allonger dedans,
Je sais que cet hymen
Durera longtemps
Alors dis…

C'est ok          (x4)

REFLECTION: a complementary
complimentary interpretation...


True the wind
Breathes love renews the heart
I move like the wind:
Soul free to fly so far
I judge too fast indeed
It's OK, to be
So right there, in my need
To grow up, love as I please
Swift away on winds
that I roam free all day
Moving I'm like the wind
embrace a whole array
Dreams of cornflow'r bouquets
Immerse me within
I know it's true this way
Though I cry no end
So tell me...

Right away
Stop! Don't tell me the wind's gone away
Say no way!
Stop your play
right away!
Don't tell me adolescence is just:
Ignorance, can't be
I've found one my love true
It's a whisper, soft wind breathing through:
Sweetest light, like Alizé
No less true love will do
So what if it's really 
What she wants
A-LIZEE has for good...

Comes the wind
A storm renews the heart
Hurricane begins
Turbulence carries far
Like him no doubt I'll be
It's OK, I see
My life ahead of me
To grow up, love as I please
Safe within four winds
want to take me away
Moving I'm like the wind
withholding mystery
Safeguarding my Eden
I nurture within
I know our liaison
Surely lasts aeons 
So tell me...

It's OK          (x4)